When in 2017 Samir Khemici, founder of Objectif Horlogerie, and business partner Jean-Yves Golvan set up OH Selection, their aim was to share their expertise with other enthusiasts by choosing, testing and approving accessories which they believed would add to the enjoyment of owning, wearing and collecting watches.

A watch serves a practical function, but Samir and Jean-Yves know there is more to it than that. A watch says a lot about who you are and the mood you’re in. It can also make the difference between just clothes and an outfit.

OH Selection proposes a carefully curated range of watch storage, winders, tools, straps and other desirable accessories, all chosen for their quality and style.

OH Selection lets watch professionals and fashion experts have their say, with suggestions that keep you not just on time but on trend too!

OH Selection is the continuation of Objectif Horlogerie, established in 2011 to provide hands-on workshops that put you in the watchmaker’s seat.

OH Selection Samir Khemici et Jean Yves Golvan
Jean-Yves Golvan and Samir Khemici



The OH Selection team has compiled a range of quality accessories for watches, and others we think you will also enjoy.

Whether you’re a total watch nut or simply looking for stylish, fashionable accessories, Samir and Jean-Yves have put together a prestigious collection, signed OH Selection, that ranges from tools, winders and watch straps to fashionable, stylish accessories (cufflinks, bracelets and leather bags).

All items are selected, tested and approved by our watch and fashion experts.

Head over to our youtube channel to see the latest selections and tips from our specialists.

oh selection watchwinder
Nos articles sont testés et approuvés par nos experts horlogers et mode



Objectif Horlogerie was established in 2011 in Paris by Samir Khemici, joined a couple of years later by Jean-Yves Golvan, with the innovative concept of introducing the public to the techniques of watchmaking. Their workshops are now in constant demand from both the public and professionals.

Centrally located in Paris at 48 Rue de Rivoli, Objectif Horlogerie gives you the chance to slip into a watchmaker’s white coat for a day.

Building on its success, Objectif Horlogerie has taken its concept to other cities across France, including Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon and Aix-en-Provence, as well as to the UK, Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland.

samir khemici objectif horlogerie
Cours d'horlogerie avec Samir Khemici fondateur d'Objectif Horlogerie