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Hunting Duck Pumps and Black Case Joseph Bonnie

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Hunting Joseph Bonnie Pumps and Black Leather Case...Lire la suite

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  • Hunting Duke pumps 316L steel Joseph Bonnie brand
  • Tool to change the watch strap
  • The two removable heads are made of hardened steel for greater strength and durability over time
  • On one side, the tip for the pierced handles and on the other side, the fork to remove the pumps from the boxes with full handles
  • Hunting pumps 55mm long and 9mm in diameter
  • Sold with its black smooth leather key case
  • Clings to your keys so you can easily change the bracelet
  • The case exists in 1 other color available on our site: brown
  • 2 years warranty
 Our expert says

“The Joseph Bonnie Duck Pumps Hunting is both practical and elegant. Its smooth leather case has a ring so you can carry it with you. It allows you to change the bracelet as often as you want and especially anywhere you are !”



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